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Infrared Downloader Using Atmel AVR    

The goal of this project is to provide an easy upgrading of firmware by targeting an infrared receiver so that the data can be sent through IR.

The host side of the host program for Win32 PC while the IR transmitter is based on AVR-USB. The target side contains the device minimum system that is based on infrared hardware unit and ATmega162 which contains ISP interface and external SRAM 8k bytes. It has a firmware that was compiled with the use of Code vision AVR.

USART facility and Timer2 for 38 kHz modulation signal generator are used for infrared data transmission. The IRM-8510N data reception ability is where the baud rate 2400bps is based. It has 400us for the shortest length logic signal. All packet transmission were implemented using CRC16 error detection.

The host side is featuring custom class device firmware, Atmel AVR memory operations, error detection during transmission, different memory supports, increased data packet size, handling data transmission up to maximum 15m, and communication consistency between host and target side. The target side is also featuring the same characteristics but with the addition of maximum SCK frequency which can be manually configured.  Read More

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