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Wide Band RF Amplifier with Input Range 10MHz - 500MHz    

The circuit is a wide band RF amplifier with an input range of 10MHz to 500MHz. It can be used as a pre-amplifier due to its low noise characteristics.  

Amplifier Specifications:
Supply voltage : +12V
Current : 10mA
Input / output impedance : 50 Ohm
Frequency range : 10MHz – 500MHz
Noise figure : 3.5dB typical
IP2 : 110dBuV
IP3 : 105dBuV

The desing is a classical RF amplifier concept. The feedback resistors R3 and R2 determine the gain. By changing these values we can get a higher gain at low frequencies. Coil L2 is used to increase the gain at high frequencies. On the other hand, as gain increases stability starts to decrease.

Dimensions of L2 are:
6 windings, inner diameter is 3mm and wire thickness must be 0.4mm. In the prototype I used and SMD type for L1, make sure it has high Ql. The transistor, which is used here is a wide band transistor with an Ft of 9 GHz. Like in all other RF circuits must be as short as possible.

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