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Simple device for programmer microcontrollers AVR and PIC  ... Read more »
Category: Microcontroller | Views: 1512

This tutorial board based on the popular PIC16F84A microcontroller. It features 9 single leds, LCD display, a 7-segment display and 5 push buttons. This board is ideal solution for the beginner to take his/her first programming steps in the world of microcontrollers. Having an in-circuit-programming (ICP) header, it can be easily reprogrammed without unplugging the microcontroller each time, provided that the programmer also supports this feature.   ... Read more »
Category: Microcontroller | Views: 1460

About modified old oven to reflow oven for pcb. In this oven added temperature controller.  ... Read more »
Category: Control | Views: 2026

This circuit controls compare temperature with a setpoint. THe transduced is a diode in the forward polarization regime. In fact when forward biased, the forward voltage drop accross a diode has a temperature dependance, in particular has a negative linear(ish) slope. This because of the boltzmann distribuition, causing electrons to pass to the conduction band thermically, lowering the voltage drop accross the diode. ... Read more »
Category: Control | Views: 1599

This circuit controls resistive and inductive loads up to 2,500W. It's main functional device is an integrated phase control circuit - Siemens TLE3103. It contains its own power supply, a zero voltage ... Read more »
Category: Control | Views: 1765

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