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This design controls up to 8 devices using a PIC microcontroller (PIC16F84A) connected to the phone line. The unique feature here is that unlike other telephone line based remote control, this device does not need the call to be answered at the remote end so the call will not be charged. This device depends on number of rings given on the telephone line to activate/deactivate devices.  ... Read more »
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The circuit above illustrates using the IR receiver module along control keys so the circuit will only toggle one of the 4 output with a PIC12F629 microcontroller to decode 5 individual IR remotes when a particular key is pressed. ... Read more »
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The purpose of the creation of this circuit is to provide a control over a central heating plan or a heating system by maintaining the indoor temperature at constant value regardless of the temperature change from the outside.  ... Read more »
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This low cost project can be used to reproduce an audio from TV without creating any disturbance from other people.  ... Read more »
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Quote: "You should try this bug. It really works great. The range I got was 150m."
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