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Laptop: open circuit ADBAT source and charge the battery management circuit    
Why is it called ADBAT circuit open source? When you use AD apter, the circuit will be open source AD apter, even if you only use the battery ( BAT Terry), then it is open source BAT Terry, so all together I lqv77 called ADBAT sources.  

Easy to remember, easy to write many other brothers referred to as AD resources (collectively, the source ADBAT) if I should later be called the source or sources ADBAT AD is considered as a lightweight.
Operating vessels used only when no Pin Adapter: AD will be issued directly to the source power management IC charger (charger IC for compact called home) if all goes well (no slow, what fire behind this circuit), the charger IC will order the second FET switch Q1 and Q2 will "open" source AD ​​-> DCBATOUT (as shown) to power all mainboad, of course, will always supply voltage for battery charging circuit, but we are saying is only regarded as the circuit should Adapter Charger does not work.

Only operate when the battery circuit (Battery) Adapter unplugged: Resources will also be issued directly to battery charger IC, this IC does not get power from the adapter to Q3 ordered the "open" source BAT -> DCBATOUT power the entire mainboard.

Circuit operation when the machine is mounted battery and plug the Adapter: AD Power Charger for the IC, if everything is OK, open source AD ​​IS Charger through Q1 and Q2 generate power for the entire mainboard DBATOUT as usual.
At the same time charging IC, combined with SIO, ICH identification requirements "need to charge the battery" (If the battery is less than) and order the opening and closing Q4, Q5 control charging process.
Note, this machine will use the power adapter directly Adapter not charging the battery and may use as much power from your battery usually stay.
If for any reason, such as power outages at this charged IC will notice immediately the loss of open source AD ​​and immediately BAT source via UPS Q3 way that a desktop PC to work with so The main components, the importance of this circuit: How important is it called? Since it is the main component, a circuit for easy identification (for vessel detection), perishable (often in the pan a few parts of this perishable) and any computer must have these components in the circuit.

Charger IC: Nhe explain this from, I just listed some common charger IC for reference only as Max8724, Max8725, Max8731, PQ24740, PQ24745, PQ24751, ISL6255 ...
Fet switch to open source AD (Q1, Q2): two children have only one child only when very fragile. BAT switch fet open source : Q3 if the machine is still running off the normal adapter, and not to use the battery only.
Fet charger (Q4, Q5) : usually located in a general form of the dual fet 8 feet stuck (SMD) if death must be properly investigated imagination and change. Avoid taking the fet that great a change as I try.
Resistor AD: Located just behind the open-source fet AD, two legs of the resistors are included in the charger IC, packaging is easy to know the resistance is very large and has a shape radically different from the other resistors in the main. There are usually green, almost exclusively found on the main two types of resistors and resistor is that it is charging (which in particular).
Resistor Charge : Same as AD resistor, this resistor has two early lead on IC chargers, five days of BAT and charging coil (Will in particular).
Charging coil : This coil is designed die or pair charger and charge FET (Will in particular) is to identify components charging circuit.
Charge FET: typically 8 foot double FET (FET are two children inside, hard to investigate technical datasheet and rather schematic equivalent) in liaison with ADBAT oil, common connection point between the coil connected to the charger (as discussed in above) the connection point mass.

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