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Laptop power circuit, general principles    
On general principles, laptop power circuit is the same size as the picture above. 

laptop power circuit

TPS51020 is 3v3 and 5v power supply IC ago. IT8511 is SIO.
A / D Dock In the power adapter plugged in VBAT is the battery power AC_BAT a source for the entire circuit, it can be obtained from Adapter or Battery. *

Operation: Power levels for IC AC_BAT 3v3/5V source (pin 24 TPS51020) 5V self-power IC 3v3/5V (TPS51020 VREG5 22 feet) for SIO 3v3 SIO received from the IC line 5VAO 3v3/5V SIO AC_IN detector voltage (See Adapter is used or not) SIO ordered 3v3 and 5v power on (EN1 and EN2) TPS51020 create 3v3 and 5v (a branch of the 3v3 or 5v will give feed back to power SIO) remaining for the entire circuit.
TPS51020 Power Good signal (PWRGD) on the SIO Click the button and wait 3v3 sources on the power button. When you click the source button, open orders SIO secondary sources (also known as power) as the source RAM, power chip Nam, North chip, chip VGA source SIO continues to open source for CPU Vcore complete the circuit size of the source. *
 The order size source test circuit: AC_Bat sources have to be pin and IC power 3v3/5v (TPS51020). This is open source = 1 or 2 mosfet and is pictured with charging circuit. Refer all battery charging circuit and open source AC_Bat. TPS51020 to create and have 5v (VREG5) for SIO. SIO to open the command EN1 and EN2 of TPS51020 (if lost, we can find ways to assume the command-level pressure). EN1 and EN2 Has there must be a 3v3 and 5v OK, 3v3 and 5v pins to high PWRGD 3v3 and 5v pins click ok, then the source must be 3v3 When you click the source, if the other secondary sources are OK, the entire source will run.
A secondary source in the "problem" circuit "protection" and disconnect all sources <- like excitement off.

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