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A truly timeless circuit. LM317 is a versatile and highly efficient 1.2-37V voltage regulator that can provide up to 1.5A of current with a large heat sink. It's ideal for just about any application.  ... Read more »
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This circuit is a simple form of the commercial UPS, the circuit provides a constant regulated 5 Volt output and an unregulated 12 Volt supply. In the event of electrical supply line failure the battery takes over, with no spikes on the regulated supply.  ... Read more »
Category: Power | Views: 1263

In this circuit, the 7815 regulatates the positive supply, and the 7915 regulates the negative supply. The transformer should have  ... Read more »
Category: Power | Views: 1293

A basic regulated 12 Volt power supply  ... Read more »
Category: Power | Views: 1400

This is a high quality power supply with a continuously variable stabilised output adjustable at any value between 0 and 30VDC. The circuit also incorporates an electronic output current   ... Read more »
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