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SIO chip common problems and how to handle    
Chip Super I / O for short SIO

How to identify: 
- Rectangular, about 4 cm square have the ITE, Winbond, SMSC ... like this;  

Avoid confusion with the SIO chip LAN chip onboard (same size, but he usually comes a 25 000) a few onboard sound chip has the same size but less than that. Remains the third most common type of chip should be less confusion. 
- In conjunction with NAM chipset and manage the source file for the main power off. 
- Management keyboard, mouse, FDD, LPT. 

Common errors: 
- No source file (very common) but still depends on chip NAM and as more or IC MOSFET damper outer islands. 
- Reset flicker constantly (such as RAM error) the best experience you should thoroughly clean welded pin SIO prior to testing followed by other components. 
- Not receiving devices such as keyboard, mouse, FDD, LPT. Some cases the impact of noise near the gate capacitor keyboard, mouse, just let go of this convergence is OK. 
How to handle: 
- Errors are not the source file will have its own analysis, where errors in determining the SIO chip is soldered to the foot, dry foot, or rather the new chip. 
- Left foot SIO Korea primarily to dilute the resin used as a knife Soldering iron claws were found on the legs. Soldering temperature of the dilution will do + resin exposed welds better. 
- Some people prefer the heat rather difficult to use a burner as a knife. This approach is also similar. Still have to use turpentine diluted combined temperature of the machine difficult. But others are still two ways to use both considered more secure. 
- When replacing SIO, remove the machine's hard to capture (using a large direct investment) on the back of the island are suffering a chip to avoid focusing for too long to kill the chip. Use the steel removable IC "through 2 feet of chips and increase the lead just light up when the chip flow. When removing the SIO chip is most important not to work the legs, then welded at the pole than the main lifts. 
- If instead of SIO, to note the correct number, identification code on the back. Sometimes only a small difference is not compatible mainboard and do not work completely. Rather few cases of slightly different still running as usual, but very few.
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