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The circuit was intended for monitoring and measuring the fluid level or content in a storage tank or reservoir by providing visual display with an audible alarm that can be switched.  ... Read more »
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The circuit was designed to produce a circuit that will alarm a sleeping person to prevent snoring by using a vibrator instead of an audio alert so as not to affect the whole household. It contains a trigger indicator, peak display indicator, a level control and a variable trigger threshold. A small motor enclosed in a film case with of 35 mm in size, will provide the vibration and suitably positioned under the pillow or mattress. ... Read more »
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The circuit was designed to create an early warning alarm system against any form of theft that is significant to the owners of motorcycles or bikes.  ... Read more »

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The circuit employs the functions of reed switches to produce a gate alarm that is powered by a universal AC/DC power supply  ... Read more »

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This project teaches us a way on how to protect our vehicle and it seems that a steering wheel lock and an engine kill switch with a good hood lock seems to do the job. Some of many electrical ways to stop a car from starting and to kill switch is one of these systems and to interrupt its operation. ... Read more »

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